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mu highest round on bo1 zombies was 64, my highest round on this was 3 _/(._.)\_ I fucking suck. Also if you're using unity's mesh collider, stop. use a block collider, sphere, or capsule. Anyways I was expecting worse :) i hope to see the game go farther. 

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Thanks for the feed back :),When we first uploaded this build the difficulty wasn't tweaked or tested at all i think. I just wanted to get something playable out there. Also good tip about the mesh colliders, i eventually figured that out in a kinda hard way. We are still working on this and have a lot of updates backed up (a lot of gameplay improvements and better functionality oh and cant forget MULTIPLAYER) but sadly there has been such a big overhaul that its not even playable as of this moment but will be soon. Currently I'm in the process of adding a team death match mode and we have some cool maps to go with that mode. As for the zombie mode, making maps for it takes a lot more creativity than originally expected but when we upload the next playable build (which should be soon) there will be at least one familiar map with some more to come.

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Like I said I do hope to see the game go farther, from what the map looks like I'd say its pretty good. (I clipped through walls to view it all, because god knows i am not good enough to get to a high enough round to buy my way through all the doors) I really am looking forward to an update, but I know shit like that is stressful and time consuming so don't over do it. Also I noticed you don't have a proper splash-screen, If ya'd like I can draw ya' one. While I am not particularly good I can kind of digitally draw. Examples:

btw if ya' got a discord &'d like to hit me up: Carsigian#4407

Don't worry, we have been working hard and can't wait to release something to show for it. And any support we get it is well appreciated, I'll add you on discord right now:)